Cloud Computing
The impact of cloud computing is profoundly changing the way IT is managed and provisioned. Cloud computing provides a more effective way to organize information technology resources and services, and a far more cost effective way for a businesses to consume and leverage them

Cloud computing has sparked imaginations with visions of pay-as-you-go billing, and pools of computing resources available on-demand. The concept is simple; rather than operating servers, businesses subscribe to a service and pay for the resources they actually use. Despite significant R&D investments, though, most vendor offerings fall far short of these ideals. Enterprises have been experimenting with public cloud services and are pursuing private cloud initiative within IT?s sphere of control. Service providers are looking for ways to deliver differentiated cloud computing services to their customers very rapidly. Amid all the hype, cloud computing has been hard to realize for enterprises and service providers alike.

The Challenge

The primary obstacle to creating either a private cloud or a cloud service to offer customers is the structure of modern online applications. These are complex systems comprised of the application software itself, middleware software like web servers and databases, operating systems and drivers, numerous servers, storage to boot the servers, storage to hold the application data, and finally the networks that connect it all. Simply deploying and operating these systems requires significant expertise. Simplifying applications requires eliminating the interlocking bindings between the components in the system. The traditional approach has been to build templates to map the dependencies and automate updates when changes are made. Unfortunately, this is a brittle solution requiring significant maintenance of its own. Attempting to move applications to service providers in this complex state isn't utility computing; it's contract services.

The nuvola smart Solution

The Nuvola Smart application-centric cloud computing platform eliminates the binding of software to hardware through virtualization. Applications are assembled using completely self-contained software components called virtual appliances. When run, the software in the virtual appliance operates in a completely virtualized execution space consisting of a virtual machine and virtualized access to storage and networks. Almost any piece of Linux software can be made into a virtual appliance in about the same time it takes to install it on a server without code changes.

When virtual appliances aren't running, they consume no processing resources and only a small amount of storage. As such, rather than using them sparingly as traditional software is, virtual appliances can be packaged with every application that uses them. In essence, the virtual appliances form a disposable infrastructure on which the application relies while operating. When the application is run, the virtual infrastructure it requires is created dynamically on the grid, maintained while it runs, and disposed of when it stops. The use of virtual appliances makes applications scalable within Nuvola Smart as well. Each virtual appliance has a range of resource usage over which it produces valuable output. The actual resources used in production are only assigned at runtime. For instance, a web server virtual appliance may require 5% of a CPU and 64MB of RAM to respond to a query and may stop providing greater output at 50% of a CPU and 1GB of memory. A two-tier application that includes this virtual appliance in addition to five or six other virtual appliances, may run with as little as 25% of a CPU and 300MB RAM, but still be able to scale to more than 3 servers and 6GB of memory.

Solution Benefits

enables cloud computing by making applications completely self-contained, scalable and portable. They have no dependence on specific hardware of any kind. Therefore, they can be copied and run on any cloud without modification. Exactly how much resource is assigned to each instance of the application depends on the users' needs at runtime.

Part of the Nuvola Smart Cloud Solutions is a key component of the nuvola cloud solutions. It is one of the first components available of the CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite. The platform is a revolutionary way for enterprises and service providers to get to the cloud fast. It complements the other, more evolutionary solutions that nuvola provides as well.

Smart cloud computing

Scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime Enterprise IT environments demand flexible and scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime. Enterprise IT staff needs to provide faster provisioning of standardized application stacks, and new business services. Many enterprises are turning to a virtual private data center (private cloud) to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime

The primary challenge

The primary challenge that Enterprise IT faces is the complexity of modern online applications. Application deployment must be drastically simplified for enterprise IT to have the flexibility to offer these services.

Nuvola Smart delivers Cloud computing infrastructure

Nuvola Smart is designed to eliminate the interlocking bindings between the actual hardware and software in an application to simplify application composition and deployment. This enables application owners to easily build their own cloud services while leveraging their existing code, skills and commodity hardware.

Nuvola Smart is a turnkey cloud computing platform that includes a cloud fabric, IP SAN, intuitive user interface, full application stacks, and catalogs of infrastructure components. End-users can reduce or eliminate the need for additional SANs, firewalls, load balancers, and other expensive hardware.

Nuvola Smart packages comprehensive applications into portable self-contained entities. By embedding hardware, software, application code and data into a self-contained, portable entity, Nuvola Smart enables enterprise IT to quickly compose, deploy, scale, migrate and manage complex online applications for their multiple internal customers.

Enterprises can Increase Efficiency

With Nuvola Smart enterprises can increases efficiency by removing the intensive process of application configuration, thus enabling application developers to quickly develop, test, and deliver new IT services to the enterprise.

With Nuvola Smart, enterprise developers can dramatically reduce the time it takes to deploy new services from months to hours and manage, move and scale them quickly and easily. Enterprise IT gains the flexibility to make the right business decisions and respond to new market opportunities, while increasing the efficiency of their resources and operations.